Monday, July 17, 2006


When we first moved in together, Markus and I lived in an apartment by Metrotown, in Burnaby. We longed for the earth, and liked to sit under the sweet little vine-maples at Metrotown, dreaming of our one-day-home. We couldn't bare the highrise above Foody Goody's for long, and 1 month later moved into our first dingy basement suite, which thankfully had an acre of sewer-potent swamp around it (yes there was raw sewer pumped into the ditches there, but we were thankful for the use of any piece of land, and this one had free blueberries and wonderful upstairs neighbours)... and... our 3 newly stolen seedlings from the vine maples at Metrotown.
And here they are! 9 years later they have lived in basements, apartments, balconies, and... now this beautiful property with us. And they still aren't very big, or very symmetrical... but we love them for the memory of sitting under them in that first month out on our own in Metrotown.

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