Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

This cold crisp evening -- the first of winter -- I walked under the stars, crunched the dry freezing leaves underfoot, and photographed the red maple reaching for the night.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


The end of October is here, and suddenly the forcefully warm fall has broken into winter. Tonight I expect the first frost.

fireweed seeds from the meadow

oyster mushrooms

giant horsetail

winter meadow

bracket fungus

horse chestnut leaves

autumn colours

Left to right: horse chestnut, walnut (above and behind the chestnut), poplar, and hazel.

alder leaves

Monday, October 23, 2006

wisteria leaves

Mycena mushrooms in the porch

magnolia seedpod

It's unfortunate the tree doesn't make more of these; the red seeds inside are faceted and jewel-like, like pomegranate. When dried they're almost black, like lightweight pebbles.

larch cone


hazel leaf

echinacea's last effort


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October begun

Well here we are half way through October, and still nearly no rain. But enough, thankfully, that the spring is back to usual levels. The lack of rain is making a beautiful autumn. Usually we have a precious few days of that classic dry crispy autumn before the torrents arrive and wash it away. This year we've been wandering in our Cowichan knits for a month already!

But not so good for the salmon that usually spawn here this time of year. There's not enough water in the river for them to come inland. Well, maybe soon.


clematis vitalba

This nasty plant is invading the island. But it's beautiful up close!!

Silene latifolia


Amanita fungus x2, pine mushroom (?), honey mushroom, older honey mushroom (?), puffball, older puffball, and strange bracket fungus.

holly berries

pampas grass

maple seeds

maple tree with nest

See? Not nearly all the leaves have turned colour, yet!

maple leaves and guest

forest floor litter


Japanese knotweed

apple time!

Two classes of preschool kids came to pick apples from our trees, last week! Now we have hundreds to store for winter.

butterfly bush seeds

Notice the earlier post of this same seed-head, where the flower petals were still attached.