Saturday, December 30, 2006

usnea lichen covered branch


cranesbill moss, false polytrichum or wet rock moss (not sure which), stepmoss, and some unidentified and lovely maple tree moss



garry oak

evidence of rain

indian pipe, stonecrop, waxberry, and cotoneaster

more evidence of rain

bay, Mycena mushrooms, crocus, licorice ferns, and unidentified mushroom

evidence of storms

arbutus and garry oak

Friday, December 22, 2006


Well this has been the month of storms, so far. With a few whole days without power (not that we mind), and torrents of rain and wind, it has been exciting. Unfortunately we managed not to witness any of the water spouts that have been seen quite frequently in the sound during the storms. Waterspouts in Howe Sound are very unusual! The trees, already bent and twisted (some downed) by the snow, have been battered horribly, and in many places they have been flattened in groves. Well this is what the earth does before renewal!

Happy midwinter!

topless lodgepole pine

Remember the photo from a few weeks ago with snow? This is the result. The pine will come down, now.

wet rhodo

soggy star magnolia buds

parmelia lichen

jasmine with rain

naked huckleberry branch

douglas fir

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

snow melting, and freezing

We've had temperatures down to -9 during the day, this week. With the windchill I understand it was to -30 at night.

stink currant


douglas fir